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A Family Film/ First-Date Movie set in 1926,  in "The Pinch," the immigrant section of Memphis, Tennessee, populated first by  the Irish, then the Greeks and Italians, followed by the Jews of Middle Europe.

Our hero, the orphan HYMAN WEISS, in his quest for purpose and identity,  has reason to believe  that the great Houdini  might be his father.  When Houdini dies suddenly at 52 of a ruptured appendix, Hyman decides to follow in  his spiritual father’s footsteps and become Escape Artist: HYMAN THE MAGNIFICENT.   Unable to rehearse his tricks for one reason or another, every performance ends         in disaster, one worse than the last.

All the young men in 'The Pinch' are after MIRIAM ROSEN, the village beauty, but she only has eyes for the compelling Hyman, in part because in her he seems to be uninterested.  Told through the eyes of  STUART, Miriam's shy, appealing younger brother, who is also Hymie’s incongruous best friend.


The ghost of Harry Houdini makes 5 significant appearances throughout SON OF HOUDINI.

SON OF HOUDINI is a movie about the search for identity; ambition and perseverance; overcoming one's fears, and finding the courage to love and be loved-- with light-hearted profundity and comedic depth.  A character-driven Coming-of-Age Romantic Comedy with universal themes, using the techniques of tomorrow.

SON OF HOUDINI is a film that demonstrates, with extreme sleight of hand, finding true love may be the greatest trick of all, and has its subliminal subtext: WE ARE ALL ONE.  Screenplay (c) by Barbara Glasser.  Registered  Writers Guild of America East, based on  "Hyman the Magnificient" from A PLAGUE OF DREAMERS (Scribner), with permission of the author Steve Stern.

SilverFox Cinema presents 

8-Second Pitch

Son of Houdini

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