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        Barbara Glasser
           Brief Bio (Oy!)

           Barbara Glasser was raised in Jamaica, Queens, and learned the                    meaning of life at Bennington College.  Her greatest joy is making                people laugh.  Making movies is her passion.  Her previous movies:

            THE LAST SUPPER, a family and its discontents;

            NIGHT CITY ANGELS, about a troubled young woman in NYC ,               and her guardian angel, Amelia Earhart.  Ameila is a member of an               Ad Hoc Committee (consisting of Aristotle, Daddy Bigbucks,                       Harriet Tubman, and Joan of Arc), to do something about other                     angels who do nothing but sit around and play their harps all day.

            NIGHT CITY ANGELS was  featured in the Seattle Film Festival,               sold to KQED, and is being considered the pilot for a series in                       which a different guardian angel from the greats in history intervene             in a human life in extremis, (with each main character and                             intervening angel foreshadowed in the previous episode).

           1.7 Alpha, a psychological drama with science-fiction overtones                  reflecting the perils of young people falling in love.                                        Written, directed,  and music composed by the multi-talented                        Quanah Hicks.  1.7 Alpha is making the rounds of international                    film festivals and receiving  nominations and awards for best                        picture, best direction, and best screenplay. 

              For Glasser, film is the highest form of art for it contains all the                     other arts: language, story-telling, design, composition, style,                       costume, and that most ineffable of all: music.  And let’s not forget                about the importance of  message: movies always have a                                philosophical underpinning and value system from which we can                  hopefully learn and grow.

               Barbara plays piano: from Bach to Boogie; has published                              children’s books, educational materials, a musical story book,                        "The Perfect Day"  with accompanying CD, and a Young Adult                     novel, BONGO BRADLEY, which was optioned three times for                   film and TV; has bought and sold Real Estate, but she always                       comes back to movie-making, her true calling.

                Recipient of a Presser Scholarship from Bennington                                       College, Glasser graduated with a major in Music (piano and                          composition), and a minor in Literature.   Her most prized                            creation, her daughter, Eva Holiday.

Robbie grew up in Ottawa, Canada, where he fell in love with filmmaking upon watching “Jurassic Park” at age five.  After receiving his first camera as a gift from his parents when he was 14, Robbie made over 60 short films before the end of high school.  He moved on to study film and television and develop his craft at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.  While at NYU, Robbie worked in various departments on numerous student and professional film sets, gaining experience in all aspects of the medium — from development to production and distribution.  Robbie also interned at Sesame Workshop — the acclaimed company behind “Sesame Street” — as their first ever Production and Development intern.  He interned for 4th Row Films as well, where he also acted as a Production Assistant on the film “Kate Plays Christine,” which premiered at Sundance.

Since graduating NYU with honors in 2015, Robbie has been producing for Videofashion, a New York-based production company that specializes in fashion and lifestyle programming intended for television distribution.  In his role at the company, Robbie covers major fashion events around the world, writes segments and full programs for television, oversees the editing of various programs, and more.  While at Videofashion, Robbie has gained industry experience in producing video content for worldwide distribution, experience which has been complemented by his work producing multiple short films.

Previous works:

“The Break In” (Director/Writer). A short comedy film about a paranoid mother who mistakes her husband for a burglar breaking into her home.  Premiering at NYU’s New Visions and Voices Festival, where is won the Craft Award in Screenwriting as well as the Craft Award for Acting Ensemble, “The Break In” was subsequently an Official Selection at the Beaufort International Film Festival (nominated for Best Comedy), selected for the Cannes Short Film Corner, as well as an Official Selection at Ozark Shorts Festival.

● Producer of “Mushrooms”, “Scorch” and “I-ris,” still in post-production.

● Executive Producer of “Still Grove,” still in post-production.

● Line Producer of “Greyspace,” a short film directed by Jordan Rosenbloom, which was accepted to the Cannes Short Film Corner as well as NFFTY and World Fest Houston.  “Greyspace” also won the President’s Award at the North Carolina Film Awards, and the Craft Award for Art Direction at NYU’s New Visions and Voices Festival.

● Producer of “Pump It Up,” a spec commercial directed by Aaron Kodz that was ultimately purchased by Reebok/Footlocker Europe.

●Various roles on over 20 other student and professional productions (including short films, music videos, feature films and commercials), as well as the multiple films he has directed and produced himself.

Robbie LeMieux

Son of Houdini

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