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SilverFox Cinema presents 

      Cast and Crew 

Son of Houdini


                          MAJOR CHARACTERS

  • HYMAN WEISS – intense, charismatic, driven, handsome, angular young man 20/24  (tbd)

  • STUART ROSEN – sensitive, soulful, shy, with crippling stage fright - 14/16  (tbd)

  • MIRIAM ROSEN – village beauty - 18/20  (tbd)

  • Ghost of HARRY HOUDINI - (Duffy Hudson - see below)

ADDITIONAL CHARACTERS (in order of appearance)
UNCLE SHARKEY   -  (David Proval - see below)

MR. ROSEN  -  (Jeffrey Alan Solomon  -  see below)

BERNIE SAPERSTEIN  -  (Phil Cappadora  -  see below)
MICKEY GRABER   -  (Austin Carnes - see below)
HERMAN BLEN -  young man with large snake  -  (tbd)
DR. DREYFUS  -  (tbd)
IKE TAUTENBLATT -  (Tuck Milligan  -  see below)

MR. BLOCKMAN  -  (tbd)

CORDELLE  -  (tbd)

RUFUS   -   (Nigel Brown  -  see below)

MR. KLOTWOG  -  (tbd)


BIRNBAUM KID  -  rambunctious 6-year old  -  (tbd) 
MR. FORBITZ  -   (Chris Mulkey  -  see below)

REPORTER  -  (tbd)

RABBI FEIN  -  (tbd)

SHARPIE  -  placing bets at The Market Square  (tbd)

BETTOR  -  (tbd)

EUGENE  -  (Yokel #1  -  Tuck Milligan)

CLARENCE  -  (Yokel #2  -  tbd)
BERL WEISS  -  Hyman's father as a young man  -  (tbd)   

AUNT FRIEDA  -  (Lousine Shamamian  -  see below)
MRS. ROSEN  -  (Carol Kane -  see below)

RACHEL  -   (Miriam's friend)  -  Joy Shatz  -  see below)

CLARA   -  (Rachel's sister)  -  (tbd)

MRS. ELSTER  (accordionist)  -  (Rachelle  Garniez   -  see below)

MRS. DREYFUS -  (tbd)

MRS. ALTFELDER  -  (Jeanna Schweppe  -  see below)

MRS. PINSKY  -  (tbd)



CHANA SARAH WEISS  -   Hyman's mother as a young woman  -  (tbd) 

EXTRAS (some can overlap)
Idle Hour Cinema Audience

Rosen's Deli Customers  (#1  &  #2)  - (tbd)

Market Square Observers
Synagogue Members
Harahan Bridge Participants

Police Officer at the Harahan Bridge
Charity Ward Patients

LARGE SNAKE - Herman Blen's pet



Stuart: (Narrative Voiceover"I wished there was something I could do for my sister... but once the machinery for a Jewish wedding is set in motion, no power on earth could turn it around." ms. p. 76


HYMAN: “Do you realize that Houdini’s last name was: Weiss!  The same as mine! Ehrich Weiss!  And that the name of his first partner was Jack Hyman!  If Houdini had a son, he might have named him Hyman Weiss!”  ms. p. 15


MIRIAM:   Hymie, you want to do amazing feats. Try growing up, why don’t you.  Find a girl, get married—it’s about time have little Hymies, raise them to be magicians for all I care...   


MRS. ROSEN:   “You know, Miriam, you’re not getting any younger…  The longer you wait around, there’ll be fewer men to choose from…  You remember what happened to your Great Auntie Annie…”   ms. p. 40

Carol Kane

MR. ROSEN:  “What’s the matter, mister?  You got ants in your pants.” ms. p. 90

 Jeffery Alan Solomon 

AUNT FRIEDA:  “You’ll see:  he’ll be someday a credit to the Jewish race.” ms. p. 11

Lousine Shamamian

UNCLE SHARKEY:  “Credit?  Credit we don’t take on North Main Street. Cash’n carry’s the name of the game.” ms. p. 11

David Proval

MR. FORBITZ:  “Where you been, boychick?  You don’t know the meaning of the word ‘amateur’?  ms. p.31

Chris Mulkey 

BERNIE SAPERSTEIN: “You know, Miriam, I’m a born family man…  I have great plans for Saperstein’s!  Maybe expand… you know, open another store…  There’s no telling where this could go!”  ms. p.40

Phil Cappadora

IKE TAUTENBLATT:  “Blow, winds, and crack your cheeks!  Rage!  Blow! You cataracts and hurricanes, spout till you have drenched our steeples, drowned the cocks!”  ms. p. 20

Tuck Milligan 

 MRS. ALTFELDER: “That’s a good one!  A Yiddisha Bessie Smith!”  ms. p. 2

 Jeanna Schweppe

MRS. PINSKEY:  “What if I sing, “St. Louis Blues,” you, know, that new Bessie Smith…”  ms. p. 2


MR. BLOCKMAN:  “How could I turn you away, Hymie?  Who knows?  You might be Elijah…”  ms. p. 47


RACHEL: Miriam's friend and co-conspirator in a trick of Hyman's that finally works 

Joy Shatz

MICKEY GRABER: (wooing   Miriam on stilts) “When forty winters shall besiege they brow…”  

ms. p. 39

Austin Carnes

 EUGENE:  “So, Hyman the  Magnificent, you’re finally getting  baptized!”  ms. p. 55

Tuck Milligan 

RUFUS:  Spoon-feeds Hyman some broth like a caring grandfather.  ms. p. 57

Nigel Brown

CORDELLE:  sitting atop BLOCKMAN SALVAGE cart, as it is being pulled down North Main by Queen Esther, tosses handbills that  read: "THE DAREDEVIL AND IMPETUOUS PACKING CASE PLUNGE!" showing a crude drawing of  Hyman the Magnificent inside a packing crate, (as they scatter among the dead leaves).  ms. p. 63


RABBI FEIN: "When your fears no longer control you, you will know a great happiness .....  Maybe that is what it means to be a man ....." ms. p. 38


MRS ELSTER: (accordion player) 

Rachelle Garniez

FEMALE CONGREGANT:“I didn’t know anyone could die in shul...” ms. pg. 88


Ghost of HARRY HOUDINI:  "You can't do any tricks that you haven't thoroughly first rehearsed!" ms. pg. 28

Duffy Hudson




Associate Producer:  Robbie LeMieux


Music:  Eve Sicular

Production Design:  Daphne Hayes

Set Design: tbd

Location Scout:  tbd


Rights and Permits:  tbd

Costume Design:  tbd

Research:  tbd

Dresser:  tbd

Hair and Make-up:  tbd

Post Production Supervisor:  tbd

Graphics & Title Art:   tbd

Director of Photography:  Barry Markowitz  (See MISS MEADOWS,                                                           Written and Directed by Karen Leigh Hopkins)

Still Photography:  tbd


Publicity and Public Relations - tbd

Legal:  tbd

Accounting: tbd

Insurance:  tbd


All positions of CAST and CREW contingent upon funding, agreements, and scheduling.

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