What people are saying about the script:  SON OF HOUDINI 


I read your beautifully written script.  It is an affecting and deeply felt romantic comedy.   I took off my evaluating hat and I was simply entertained!  In my humble opinion, you write from the top of your intelligence to the bottom of your heart!   Thank you for inviting me to comment on your work.  Congratulations on creating a romantic, humorous and emotionally touching work!                                                                                                                 Hollywood eminence grise, Stephen Willens, (actor)

It's a piece of bravura and quite a wonderful story.   I love the Southern Yiddishkeit world.  A tight, propulsive script.                                Carl Spague, Production Designer 

I'm very impressed and entertained by Barbara Glasser's screenplay, "Son of Houdini".  It's well-written, funny, and should translate well into a quality motion picture.                                                                                                          Quanah Jay Hicks,  Filmmaker

Simply stated, I love the storyline of Son of Houdini.  To me, the story holds the promise of love and good ole-fashioned values, appealing to my tendencies towards the nostalgic.  While “Houdini” carries formidable branding, the story, "Son of Houdini," presents another chapter to this magnificent brand, one that will appeal to all ages for years to come.  I believe in happy endings, and the production and distribution of this film will be just that, a happy ending for all to enjoy.              Joseph Gurz, entrepreneur     


The first time I read your script, I fell in love with it.  "Son of Houdini" is refreshing and comical with a lovely message.  What the world needs now is more of this light-hearted entertainment which makes your zone feel airy and energized.  BRAVO!   BRAVO!  BRAVO!                                                                      Joan Daugherty, Realtor

I was at a reading of SON OF HOUDINI and still remember how funny, sweet, and compelling it was.  I believe it has all the elements of a timeless classic.                                                                                                                                   Janie Blanks, Realtor

SON OF HOUDINI pulls back the curtain to reveal how the greatest magician is always the human heart and that love is the finest magic.  Barbara is at her best here adapting Steve Stern’s affecting short story for the screen with a deft comic touch and the lightness of meringue.                                                            Patrick Michael, Writer

What I love about Steve Stern's writings is that he mixes the most ordinary schlemiels like ourselves and their ordinary interpersonal dealings with the most fantastic, surreal happenings. The leap from the ordinary to the outrageous is achieved so seamlessly that you get carried right along with it.  I never had a problem "suspending my disbelief", even as a seventeenth century Hassidic rebbe gets inadvertently defrosted in a modern-day power outage. In a way, SON OF HOUDINI is one of Stern's more transparent tales, as the protagonist struggles time and again to make that same leap, more and more outrageously.  It builds like a Borscht-belt comedy routine with each successive feat challenging our credulity but urging us along. We fully expect the hero's demise but, when the happy ending comes along, it makes even more sense... We say, oh yes, of course.                                                                            Judy Pritchett, Social Worker

     What people are saying about Reading of SON OF HOUDINI


Hey Barbara, thanks again for giving me the opportunity to be your narrator.   From the moment we began rehearsing, I knew the afternoon was going to be very special.  When a piece of writing lights up when actors are just reading and on the first run through to boot, you know there is going to be magic. The presentation had a genuine vibe. The actors clicked so well. The real proof came at the end when the audience applauded. That was far greater a response then simply "polite".  It was long and sincere. Your work moved those people. If there were potential investor producers in the crowd, I can't imagine a more convincing testimonial--the script speaks for itself!  By the way, I wouldn't change a thing.  Jeffrey Alan Solomon                                                           

Thank you, and thanks again for including me in the reading of your wonderful script.  Best wishes onward with SON OF HOUDINI.  Jim Walton

Hi Barbara,  Sending you my best wishes and congratulations on the next step in sharing the promise, beauty and rarity that is you and Son of Houdini.  Looking forward and much love to you, Steve


The reading yesterday seemed to have gone very well and everyone watching seemed to have fun!  It fills my heart to see everyone's reaction to this very special piece: "Son of Houdini!"  Just goes to show you that so many people are wanting to see and feel something light-hearted, funny, romantic and touching to the heart... Especially in the chaotic times of our society.  Best, Jeanna, Actress 


Good Day Barbara, I had so much fun.  So glad you invited me and I was free to come. I was ever so curious about the story…and now my mystery is solved.  It was fun, funny, intelligent, ever so witty and so very well written (you are now the smartest woman I know).  Loved the life lessons, humor and tastings of spirituality scattered throughout the story line.  I cannot wait to see the movie!  Lauren Maloney                                                                                                                                            

As for suggestions, I have nothing to say about the screenplay; it's terrific...funny, warm, romantic and, best of all, communal...which I guess sounds strange to say about a movie but I get draw in by this community in the Pinch and feel part of it.  I fell in love with every character in the story.  To me, that's the best thing going for it.                                                                                                                       Tuck Milligan 


Congratulations Barbara! I enjoyed the reading very much!  Your script was so entertaining and I know it will be a really fun movie!  Joy Shatz 


What a tremendous pleasure it was to be able to witness those wonderful actors perform "Son of Houdini." I read the screenplay countless times while putting together the budget, but nothing beats watching and hearing the work come to life off the page.  It's a magnificent story--touching, funny, inspiring--and it's sure to be nothing short of incredible on the silver screen.  Robbie LeMieux 

It’s so nice to be able to participate in something fresh, original, and wholesome; not the same old mediocre stuff we see too much of on the big and small screen!  I would love to be part of this sure-to-be-a classic movie!”  Zach Herrington  


I think that this film is going to be charming and entertaining and "classic.”  Miles Ito                                                                                                                                        

The other day was a litmus test.  You passed with flying colors.  Fearlessly go forth and conquer.  Just believe and it will get done, no worries.  JAS 


Son of Houdini