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Son of Houdini

                                                     Coming-of-Age Romantic Comedy

           Screenplay (c) by Barbara Glasser   Registered: Writers Guild East

  Based on  "Hyman the Magnificent" from A PLAGUE OF DREAMERS, 

                                                      with permission of the author Steve Stern 

An orphan in Memphis, Tennessee has reason to believe that the great Houdini might be his father.  When Houdini dies of a ruptured appendix on Halloween Eve, 1926, our hero Hyman Weiss, decides to take up the mantle of his ‘spiritual father’ and become an Escape Artist.  For one reason or another, Hyman is unable to rehearse his tricks and each performance ends in disaster.  Miriam, the village beauty, has feelings for the compelling Hyman, at least in part because in her he seems to be uninterested.  The ghost of Harry Houdini makes 5 significant appearances throughout SON OF HOUDINI.

                               No violence, no obscenity, no nudity, no crudity,
                         no car chases, no ingestion of questionable substances,                                                        just one memorable kiss, initiated by Miriam.

A character-driven Coming-of-Age Romantic Comedy with subtlety, charm and wit.                                        Perfect Family Film and First-Date Movie

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